No Relief In Sight For Taxpayers In High Tax States

One of the big things in the new tax law pushed by President Trump, passed by Congress and then signed into law by Trump is the loss of some deductions to many taxpayers. The loss of this deduction had some people crying fowl.

Those doing the crying typically were not the rank and file taxpayer but were state Governors and state Legislators. The reason for their collective howling? The fact that they could no longer hide their extremely high taxes with federal government subsidies in the form of deductions.

This meant that folks in these high tax states were fully feeling the effects of living in states that have high taxes and they are not getting the benefit of spreading part of that pain to the rest of the nation via a tax deduction.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat and leader of the fight against the cap, this month called the new tax policy “an economic civil war that helps red states at the expense of blue states.”

Bozeman Daily

Let that sink in. Gov Cuomo thinks that having people in his state pay their own taxes instead of spreading it over the entire nation is economic civil war. Not that he could easily combat such “unfair” treatment by lowering taxes in his high tax state.

But I guess for Leftists, its perfectly OK to over tax your own population to the point where you need the Federal Government to allow the burden to be shared with the entire nation via tax deductions. Deductions that folks in low tax states don’t get.

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