Student Charged With Wiretapping For Livestream

Did you know that it is illegal to record or broadcast a conversation or meeting with your Congressional Representatives within the D.C. borders if that Representative does not give you permission to do so?

Yes, our wonderful Representatives believe they should have the ability to conduct non-secret business in secret and if you attempt to shine a light on that business, you will be charged with a crime and possibly sent to jail.

Let that sink in. You could be sent to jail for recording a public servant in an open meeting simply because that elected official doesn’t want to be on record that they did or did not say something.

Jake Burdett, 20, was charged last week with two felony counts of making an illegal recording and distributing the video filmed during a Maryland Marijuana Justice rally at Harris’s Salisbury office in October, the state prosecutor’s office announced Thursday.

Baltimore Sun

Yet these people keep saying how they want to have an open government and they want to show honesty within the government. Yet everytime you confront them, they want to clam up and keep you from recording or reporting the truth.

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