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November 2016


WOW!!  Rod Eccles is excellent.  What a joyful presentation which was very informative, uplifting, and inspirational.

 Olivia McCaffrey, President California Federation of Republican Women, Northern Division


February 2016

Mr. Eccles brought his wit, wisdom, and conservative insights

I want to thank Rod Eccles for serving as Master Of Ceremonies for our 2016 Primary Gala fundraiser held February 4, 2016. The Gala was a very successful event and one of the highlights of an exciting first in the nation primary season in New Hampshire. Mr. Eccles brought his wit, wisdom, and conservative insights to the table that night and also delivered excellent introductions to our guest speakers. I would recommend Rod as a guest speaker to any Republican organization looking for conservative commentary on popular culture, current events, and the multitude of critical issues facing our nation. Informative and entertaining, Rod would be a great addition to any Republican event or meeting as he was at our Primary Gala in 2016. Thank you again Rod and I hope to see you again soon.

Mark Vincent, Chairman, Hillsborough County Republican Committee


September 2015

We hope you can return to North Carolina

Thank you, Rod for speaking to our New Bern Republican Women Club in September.  The information about the current President and his liberal-progressive objectives and actions, including the current state of Congressional failures, terrorist attacks, Islam’s march into Western Europe, mishandling of veteran affairs, downsizing the military and immigration failures were based on facts, which you delivered in a smooth and intelligent manner.  We hope you can return to North Carolina to update us on the politics of the United States.
Carole Houser, Program Chairman and Vice President, New Bern NC, Republican Women Club