On March 12, 2009, Rod was trying to write a post for one of his blogs at that time.  It was when the new President, Barack Obama, and the Democrat controlled Congress were really pushing to pass various left leaning policies including what became known as Obamacare.

Rod found that he was really pounding the keys on his computer and realized he might actually break the key board.  At that moment he remembered one of his favorite bloggers had made the switch to something rather new at the time.  Audio Blogging.

Rod thought he could do the same and prevent further damage to his key board.  So he did a Google and Bing search and landed on Blog Talk Radio.

On that day Rod did a test show.  The next day he began The Rod Eccles Show.  That first broadcast was about an hour long.  He quickly expanded to a two hour format and began taking calls from around the world including Israel, Australia, England and Germany.  He became a favorite of Military people around the globe.

A few years later, Rod made the leap and expanded the program to its current three hour format.

Rod has lived or visited the nations of Greece, Spain, Italy and Turkey. His father is a 21 year veteran of the United States Air Force and saw active duty in Vietnam and Thailand. Rod is a strong Constitutional Conservative. Rod believes in God, Family, Country, and the right to the pursuit of happiness. Rod believes in the Constitution of the United States of America and that the Founding Fathers were on the right track when they created and established our nation. When people meet Rod they describe him as being logical, factual, truthful, and historical.

Rod is an entrepreneur having started a successful landscaping business while living in NY State. That experience helped him launch a successful Dry Cleaning Service called Cleaner

Solutions which was a door to door dry cleaning service. Now Rod owns three businesses Zinc Media Arts, Zinc Marketing, and Zinc Agency. Rod is also a contributor to CNS News, The Lonely Conservative, Conservative Base, Dr. Rich Swier, Bugle Call Common Sense Politics, Clash Daily, Pundit Press, Friends of Liberty, Lady Patriots, The Intellectual Conservative, American Action News, The Tea Party Patriot Couch, Western Free Press, Washington Weekly News, Liberty First News, Free Patriot Post, Conservative Feeds, Powdered Wig Society, Universal Free Press, and Raw Conservative.