Free Speech Social Media

A lot of people, especially conservatives, are finding themselves falling victim to online censorship. Social Media giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter and even LinkedIN are silencing voices at an alarming rate.  People say there are no viable alternatives.  But the reality is, there ARE alternatives.

Below is a well researched and still growing list of Alternative Social Media sites for people who love the ability to freely express themselves openly.  If you still want Free Speech Social Media, then this list is a good place to start

Facebook Alternatives



Deviant Art

Google/YouTube Alternatives


Daily Motion



Twitter Alternatives





LinkedIN Alternatives



Note: * Denotes sites in which Rod Eccles has an account.  Rod has not been paid to endorse any site listed.  Read all sites Terms of Service and Terms of Use before setting up an account.  At the time of the creation of this list, it is believed that most sites listed do not engage in the kind of speech censorship that Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIN have been alleged to be engaged.