No Lockdown Swedes See Record Low Covid Rate

In a world where Covid-19 seems to freely rampage and destroy at will, there are some countries that seem to think this virus really is not the Kaiju (giant monster) that some have professed.

A few countries have refused to lockdown their populations or restrict their economies while others instituted draconian measures to such a point that they actually arrested and jailed citizens for their defiance.

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But Sweden refused to lockdown. And now the Swedes are reporting a record low in infection rates. So low that the WHO or World Health Organization is lauding the Swiss as a model for the world. Someone should remind the WHO that the Swedes never locked down.

Sweden carried out a record number of new coronavirus tests last week with only 1.2% coming back positive, the health agency said on Tuesday, the lowest rate since the pandemic began at a time when countries across Europe are seeing surges in infections.

Sweden avoided a lockdown and instead emphasized personal responsibility, social distancing and good hygiene in a bid to slow rather than eradicate a disease deemed here to stay.

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Of course, critics will say that in the early days the Swedes, suffered massive Covid casualties and their lack of a lockdown is often blamed. However, many other nations that did lockdown, including many states in the US, did lockdown and saw their death rates soar above that of both European nations.

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So did the lockdowns stop the spread of the virus? Obviously no. In fact there is not a medical or biological scientist on the planet that would tell you that we could totally stop and eradicate this virus.

What is needed is a form of ‘herd immunity’. Lets face it, there have been far deadlier viral pandemics on this planet in history and yet civilization did not collapse. Covid-19 is quickly becoming just another virus that humans have to deal with on an individual basis just as with any other viral infection currently roaming the planet.

This is part of life. Someday we will be able to prevent all viruses from taking the life of people. But that day is not today. And that day will not be tomorrow. And since that is the truth, countries like Sweden have decided to let people live as they have always lived. And that is a life without a lockdown for a virus that is actually no more deadly for the general population than the regular seasonal flu.

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