Trump Calls On Military To Dump Maduro

President Trump is turning up international heat on Venezuelan President Maduro. If you could possibly put “pressure” on a dictator and thug, then this is one of the best ways to do it.

President Trump has called Maduro a puppet of Cuba and laid accusations that Maduro was using medicine and food as crutches to keep a hold on his power in the crumbling nation.

“The eyes of the entire world are upon you — today, every day and every day in the future. You cannot hide from the choice that now confronts you,” Mr. Trump said in a speech to the Venezuelan expat community at Florida International University, about 80 miles south of his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Washington Times

The United States has a large legal immigrant community of Venezuelans, many of whom reside in Florida where the President spoke.

Mr. Trump is putting his stamp on international issues and politics by also calling on other oppressive governments around the world to stop arresting, torturing and even executing homosexuals.

But unlike the LGBT community within the United States, Venezuelans seem to welcome and support the President’s remarks and policy as it pertain to their homeland.

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