The Rod Eccles Show 7 12 18 Hour 3

7 12 18 Hour 3

Hour 3 and Rod ask reveals why even Gay men are saying its getting harder to tell gay men from straight men and Hollywood is to blame, but its only a problem in the West not the rest of the World.  Stormy gets arrested for doing what Stormy does.  Todays Holidays.  NY Gov Andrew Cuomo doesn’t seem to understand the Constitution or he just truly hates it by threatening SCOTUS.  MSNBC Anchor says on air she hates Constitution and even gives wrong date it was written, stupid is as stupid does.  China is closing the door on this US export…trash.

New York Times: Hard To Tell Gay From Straight and Getting Harder

CNBC: Stormy Daniels Gets Arrested In Ohio During Her Show

Hot Air: Gov Andrew Cuomo Threatens SCOTUS

Hot Air: MSNBC Anchor Admits To Hating Constitution On The Air

AFP: China Doesn’t Want US Trash Exports, Thanks Obama.

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