ON THE RADIO: And Now The Apolgy

Stephen King came out and apologized for his rather rude comments pertaining to the train crash carrying some GOP members and their families to an annual retreat on an AmTrack train.  The train collided with a truck stopped on the tracks and one of the occupants of the truck were killed.

Via his Twitter account:

A trainload of Republicans on their way to a pricey retreat hit a garbage truck. My friend Russ calls that karma.

This tweet set off a firestorm that I am sure Mr. King did not expect.  You see, the horror novel laureate is a huge liberal Democrat and has been for most of his adult life.  So I am sure that what he said is what he meant and he said it because he probably thought that many of his followers and fans think the same.

Out of touch.

So much so that when King got wind of the back lash, he issued a rather tepid apology.

A rather thoughtless tweet from me concerning the train-truck crash, for which I apologize (if one is necessary). It should be pointed out, too, that those Republican politicians, who can be heartless when they vote, immediately got out to help.

Are you buying his apology?  After all, by liberal thinking all you have to do is say you are sorry and all should be forgiven.  Well all will be or should be forgiven if you are a fellow liberal.  But I’m not buying his apology.

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