Moms Just Wanna Stay Home

Here we have yet another poll/survey that tells the truth about what is going on in the American family and the publication that is all about parenting and family, tries to downplay the results.  And they are the ones responsible for the poll.

I am trying to figure out why is it such a bad thing for women to WANT to stay home to raise their kids and run the house.  I know the feminists out there are beating their heads against the wall every time a survey like this comes to light.

The problem is, every time they do one of these surveys, its because they think they will get the result they want.  When they dont get that result, they act shocked, amazed and even get a little pissed off.

Women keep saying they wish they had the option to stay at home with their children.  Women who do have the option say they love being a stay at home mom and would not trade it for the office or factory any time soon.

Yet the majority of women are looked down upon by a minority of their sisters.

Maybe if we did have the majority of women staying at home raising their kids instead of day care centers and after school programs, we would have fewer troubled kids.  You know like back in the 50’s 60′ and early 70’s when moms were at home most of the time.

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