#MeToo Now Means She Did Too

The sexual revolution probably did not intend to mean to have men and women equal in this type of behavior.

Now a well known political celebrity in California is being accused by multiple men of sexual aggression and assault.  Yes a WOMAN is being accused of sexually attacking men.

And this woman is also a big #MeToo supporter.  That is the movement that women have started to show solidarity in their fight against the male sexual aggression on women.  You know, the aggression and assaults that the vast majority of left leaning men are being accused of.

Although this California State Legislator is not the firs nor the only women currently being accussed of assaulting men sexually, she is by far the biggest hypocrite considering her elected position and her tremendous public support for the #MeToo movement.

I guess its OK for women to physically accost men, in the liberal world.

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