Homework For Texas Middle Schooler Is To Draw Selfie As A What?

A 12 year old Middle School girl brought home her homework assignment and it raised more than just an eyebrow from her mother.

The adolescent from Austin, TX got a homework assignment to ‘Draw Yourself As A Slave’ and it has her mother more than just a little ticked off.  I know I would be if I had a kid come home with such a work assignment.

The teacher and the school seem to defend the rather racist assignment by saying its good for kids to understand what it was like.  I think they call this immersion education or something like that.

I don’t know what a kid is going to learn by drawing themselves as a slave.  If the girl is white, should she also color herself as a black person?

Austin is a very liberal enclave in an otherwise rather red state.  If you look at the population data, you will find a growing number of Californian refugees living there.  Plus a number of those fleeing the violence and high taxes of Illinois as well.  And yet they seem to be bringing their same cultural rot gut to a usually sensible and stable state.

You just cant make this stuff up.

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Star Telegram: Homework assignment for a Texas girl: Draw yourself as a slave