Listing Of People Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Assault is no joke and should not be used as a weapon.

There is a growing fear that the rash of sexual assault allegations are the result of political ambitions of both political parties.  It is being said that politics has Nuclear Weaponized Sexual Assault.  There may be some truth to that allegation.

Below is a listing of men and women currently accused of serious sexual misconduct.  At this point, most have not formally been charged with any crime but the various sources this list is derived from are credible in their reporting.

Although most have not been charged with any crime, some have admitted to the allegations against them, some have apologized, some have resigned from their powerful positions and some claim to be getting treatment for sexual addiction.

The accusations range from groping and fondling to full on rape.

This is intended to be an exhaustive listing but in no way can it be complete.  Its a list that will be updated daily as warranted.  Please note that a plethora of lesser known (mostly local and state politicians) people have been accused and some have either been fired from or resigned from their prominent local jobs or companies.

Harvey Weinstien, Producer/Studio Executive – October 5, 2017 via New York Times

Andy Signore, TV Movie Creator – October 8 via April Dawn’s Twitter

Ben Affleck, Actor/Producer – October 10 via Hilarie Burton’s Twitter

Oliver Stone, Movie Director/Producer – October 12 via Carrie Stevens Twitter

Roy Price, Studio Executive – October 12 via The Hollywood Reporter

Bob Weinstein, Studio Executive – October 17 via Variety

Chris Savino, TV Show Creator – October 19 via The Hollywood Reporter

Lockhart Steele, Editor/CEO – October 20 via Varitey

Twiggy Ramirez, Musician – October 20 Jessicka Addams Facebook

Robert Scoble, Tech Executive/Blogger – October 20 via Business Insider

John Besh, Celebrity Chef/Restaurant Owner – October 21 via The Times-Picayune

James Toback, Director/Screen Writer – October 22 via The Los Angeles Times.

Ethan Kath, Musician – October 24 via Alice Glass’s website

George H.W. Bush, Former President – October 24 via a now-deleted Instagram of Heather Lind

Mark Halperin, Journalist/MSNBC – October 26 via CNN.

Leon Wieseltier, Editor/Critic – October 27 via

Kevin Spacey, Actor/Director/Producer – October 29 via BuzzFeed News

Jeremy Piven, Actor – October 30 via Ariane Bellamar Twitter In her tweets

Andy Dick, Actor – October 31 via The Hollywood Reporter

Michael Oreskes, Editor/NPR – October 31 via The Washington Post

Brett Ratner, Movie Director – November 1 via The Los Angeles Times

Dustin Hoffman, Actor – November 1 via The Hollywood Reporter 

David Guillod, Movie Producer – November 2 via The Wrap

Jon Grissom, Actor – November 2 via The Dr. Oz Show.

John Singleton, Movie Director – November 6 via Danielle Young’s essay for The Root.

Ed Westwick, Actor – November 6 via Kristina Cohen’s Facebook post

Steven Seagal, Actor/PT Police Officer – November 8 via Portia de Rossi’s Twitter.

Mariah Carey, Singer/Actress – November 8 via TMZ

Jeffrey Tambor, Actor – November 8 via Deadline

Louis C.K., Comedian/Actor – November 9 via The New York Times.

Roy Moore, Judge/Politician – November 9 via The Washington Post.

Matthew Weiner, Writer – November 9 via The Information

Andrew Kreisberg, TV Producer – November 10 via Variety.

Gary Goddard, Producer/Writer/CEO – November 10 via Anthony Edwards’s Medium post

Eddie Berganza, Editor – November 10 via BuzzFeed News.

George Takei, Actor/Gay Activist – November 10 via The Hollywood Reporter

Benny Medina, Talent Manager – November 10 via The Advocate 

Mark Schwahn, Producer/Writer – November 13 via a letter from the One Tree Hill cast in Variety.

Alphy Hoffman, Club Owner – November 13 via The Dr. Oz Show

Tom Sizemore, Actor – November 13 via The Hollywood Reporter

Adam Venit, Talent Agent – November 15 via Good Morning America

Danny Masterson, Actor – As early as 2004, when an initial police report was filed, according to Huffington Post. However, first named accuser came forward to The Daily Beaston November 16, 2017

Ron Jeremy, Porn Star/Producer – November 16 via Page Six

Al Franken, Comedian/Politician – November 16 via KABC.

Russell Simons, Music Producer/Record Label Owner – November 19 via The Los Angeles Times.

Glenn Thrush, Journalist – November 20 via  Vox

Murray Miller, Screenwriter – November 20 via The Wrap

Charlie Rose, TV News Anchor/Talk Show Host – November 20 via The Washington Post.

John Lasseter, Movie Studio Executive/Movie Director – November 21 via The Hollywood Reporter

Nick Carter, Singer/Songwriter/Boy Band – November via MashableUK



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