Democracy in Danger

There has been a lot of talk about the recent Supreme Court of the United States draft opinion on Roe v. Wade. A lot. And by a lot I mean a LOT.

Yet, none of that discussion is focused on the the important issues. Sure, the potential for overturning the dreadful 1973 decision is monumental. But it wont mean the end to abortion in America. It wont even mean the end of abortion on demand in America.

The bigger issue is that this “leak” has lead to something that is truly dangerous to American life and, indeed, to the very existence of the USA. The left in this country always throw out how our Democracy is in danger if they don’t get their way.

Let me tell you something, when you have the judicial branch of your government scared to do what is right or uphold your laws, THEN your democracy is truly in danger.

Let me explain.

What we are not talking about, what we are not hearing about is the reports of violence being threatened against the Supreme Court Justices who apparently will be voting to overrun Roe v. Wade.

If this is true then that is not democracy in action. It truly is Fascism and Communism and Authoritarianism in action.

You see, democracy allows for the free flow of idea and opinions no mater who may be offended by those idea or opinions.

Nobody has an exclusive of being right except for God and those who believe in authoritarianism. There is no argument on this.

This is why it is important to have a free flow of ideas and opinions. Free expression for all, not just the few. Or the important. Or the well connected. But for every single citizen. That is what our Founders intended and indeed it is what they went to war and fought for.

You can agree or disagree on the topic of abortion. I happen to believe that life of humans begins at conception and thus except for limited reasons, abortion should not be legal. But, I can “compromise” and allow for abortion within the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

This is based on science. Let me explain briefly. Science, as the left has been beating over our heads the last two years, says that when a person is bread DEAD they are gone and not coming back even if on life support. So that means brain activity means human life. So that means that when brain activity is detected in the womb we have a viable human life.

This happens around the 2nd trimester. Which means abortion after the 1st trimester is scientifically murder.

But I digress. When a society decides that it can manipulate its officials by the point of violence and/or death, you no longer have a free society. You become an authoritarian society which is ruled, not governed. You have a society RULED over by elites that dictate what you should think and say.

Our Supreme Court was designed and created to be non-political. Of course it is totally political but it was designed not to be so. And when you can pressure this body into doing what the minority or majority want, you no longer have an arbiter of freedom and democracy. You have a rubber stamp department.

This leak has forced our Supreme Court to become more of a rubber stanp instead of a protector of our Constitution and our freedoms.

This, is by design from radicals on both the left and the right. Their end game is to get rid of the Constitution all together.

You see, this leak was not in any way, done to protect our “democracy”. It was done to destroy it.

Our so-called Democracy, our Republic is now in real danger. Will you stand and fight or will you allow the radicals to dictate how you live the rest of your life?

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