Is Elon Musk The Savior Of Free Speech?

Musk is believed to be a Libertarian and his past actions may make him the savior we need

There are a lot of folks freaking out over Elon Musk buying the social media giant, Twitter. And there are probably an equal number of folks praising the multi billion dollar buy as being the saving grace for Free Speech.

I think that the leftist who believe Mr. Musk will re-open the platform and allow more speech and ideas than previously allowed will actually be true. Will Elon Musk be the savior of Free Speech? I don’t think that will be the case.

You see, freedom of speech is something that is in the heart and soul of each individual. And I mean every single person has this within them. The difference between say Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk is that Dorsey and those who follow him, cannot fathom that someone would disagree with them. And as such they are greatly offended by those who disagree with them.

Funny thing is, even if you can scientifically prove that your opinion is correct, if it differs in any way from what Dorsey and his ilk believe, they will seek to shut you down, shut you up and shut you off from public forums.

But…Dorsey and his crowd have no problems with promoting opinions they believe in even if they are blatantly wrong. But, hey, its what they think Democracy is.

Musk, on the other hand, is a bit smarter. He welcomes comments, opinions and debate with those who disagree with him. In fact Musk himself has publicly stated that he has learned a great deal from those that have disagreed with him.

Musk and his crew believe that an open forum and open debate is the best way to bring forth new ideas, parse those ideas and find the best ideas to move individuals and society forward.

Musk and his followers also believe that even those that offend them should have the right to espouse their beliefs and opinions. Indeed, it is easier to identify your enemy when you can hear them talk about how much they hate you.

There is nothing mysterious or dangerous about freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is freedom of thought. This is how a free society moves forward, progresses and makes strides to espouse even more freedom for its citizens.

There is nothing to fear from speech that is even hateful. It allows for all to see who is the hater, who espouses evil, who loves to restrict freedom, who wants to rule over you instead of govern with you.

Yes, the left hates free speech simply because it means they have a hard time, if not impossible time, in gaining power and ruling over you and me. In fact true free speech is so frightening to them that the Twitter board and Blue Check Leftists Twitter Users tried a number of idea on keeping the company out of Musk’s hands.

So let me be clear. If someone espouses an idea that you abhor, that does not mean you get to keep them from sharing that idea. In fact, YOUR idea may be abhorrent to that person. You see, free speech, free expression flows two ways.

If its a one way street then you don’t have freedom. You have authoritarianism. And that ain’t constitutional.

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