China v India

Unfortunately, this is not a soccer match. This is for keeps, with bullets and mortar shells. Our media here in the USA won’t cover this growing clash between two nuclear powers. The stakes are very high for the entire world and nobody seems to be paying attention.

Here is an update from the BBC. Please note that India is still part of the British Commonwealth. This means an Indian war with China could draw the British Empire into the fray which would then drag the USA in.

As of September 9, 2020
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Here is the Chinese side of the issue

The reality is that China was taken by surprise. India has usually relied upon a more submissive and reactive policy with China and its shared border. Possibly because India was more focused on Pakistan.

However, since India has a growing population and a fast-growing economy, it has a lot more to lose than it did just a decade or so ago. New Indian government leadership and growing ties with the USA has also emboldened India to be more proactive in its national security when it relates to China.

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We must remember, India and China are both nuclear powers. India and China both have massive populations that top 1 billion citizens. India and China both have massive conventional militaries. India and China have a very long history of distrust and dislike.

This is not something to be ignored.