Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

There is a comedy show lead by comedian Tim Allen that I have enjoyed over the past several years.  I am not talking about that tool show from the 1990s but his latest venture called, Last Man Standing.

I find it very funny and oftentimes enlightening.  I will let you view it for yourselves if you have not done so.  

But I am not going to talk about the Tim Allen comedy.  

You see, America truly is at a crossroad this year.  2020 will go down in history as one of the worst years in human history.  Although Covid-19 or the Coronavirus of 2020 will forever be remembered, this is not the main reason for mankind being at this crossroads.

Covid-19 is nothing more than a symptom.  If this were Covid-1988 things would be very different.  They would be different not only around the world but here in the USA as well.

Covid-19 has brought a one million candle power light to the issue that is facing mankind today.  Do we stand at this crossroad and take the road to tyranny which is camouflaged as Socialism or do we take the road of freedom?

Isn’t it interesting that there are people who are actually fighting you to take your rights and freedoms away from you and then complain when you fight back?  How ironic it is of those same people who claim that if you don’t give up your freedom to them you are nothing more than a Nazi, a political party and system that took away people’s freedom and liberty and voice. 

There are many who are willing to stand and fight back on this issue.  They will stand and fight in the halls of Congress, in the City Halls across the nation and in the State Capitols in all 50 states.  Yet those who fight on the side of freedom are labeled as evil, corrupt, uneducated and downright inhuman.

If you don’t capitulate to the mob they will hound you, surround you, shout at you, accost you and they may even try to kill you.  Yet they claim they stand for the little guy.  The forgotten guy.  The poor.  The less fortunate.  The minority.  

But if you are that kind of person, especially if you are a minority, and you stand against them, they will hunt you down, destroy your business, your home, your property, and even laugh as you lay on the ground lifeless.  

These people feed off of fear and intimidation.  When you fight back they claim you are evil and unfair.  If you protect what is yours, they claim you should be locked up for life.  Only they, the righteous left, should be allowed to maim, destroy and kill.  You should be so lucky to die by their hands.

I bring this up because I, like so many others, will not lay down and take this kind of immorality any longer.  I learned a long time ago that if you give these people an inch they will demand a yard.  And when you don’t give them that yard they will claim that you are all kinds of evil. 

If you stand and fight them, they will surround you and try to bring the law down upon your head.  Even if you simply defend yourself against them, you are a criminal.  You should simply let them bash your head, shoot your body, burn your property.  It’s all in the name of progress after all.

I will not do such a thing.  I will fight.  I will stand my ground.  I will protect what is mine.  I will do so in the name of freedom.  I will carry the flag of liberty no matter what.

Even if I am the Last Mand Standing on freedom hill, I will fight.  I will not give in.  I will defend and I will charge the enemy with everything I have in my soul.  Because if I don’t have the freedom to live, then I am not alive.

History has shown that man without freedom does not live well nor do they live long.  

I will stand.  I will stand strong.  I will be here even if I am the Last Man Standing.  

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