Cheating On Taxes Is OK With Growing Number of Americans

The one thing that most Americans can agree upon is that they, as individuals, are taxed too much by our collective governments. This is giving rise to more and more cheating on tax returns at all levels of government that individuals must file a return.

Understand, most folks are honest and are willing to pay fair taxes in order to run our various levels of government. The problem seems to be that more and more ordinary, not rich Americans believe they are over-taxed.

We know when people think they are getting a raw deal, they do whatever they can to level the playing field. Especially when it comes to the government. The only way many believe they can level the playing field is to cheat on their taxes.

This kind of cheating is growing and more citizens believe it is OK for others to cheat on their taxes especially if they are not rich. Not to mention, average Americans have seen a lot of connected and powerful government officials being proven to have cheated on their taxes but are often not even investigated let alone prosecuted.

So if you think you are taxed to heavily and you also see those who make and/or enforce those tax laws cheating on their own taxes, how would you not think its not OK for you and your neighbors to cheat as well?


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