Disturbing Report: Free Speech is Hate Speech

We have all enjoyed all the aspects of the Constitution and it’s Bill Of Rights. Yet there are a growing number of those under 30 that believe that the Constitution should be unconstitutional.

There is a report that now shows how disturbingly true the above statement is. I have warned about this for years, and years now. Nobody would listen and now we are facing this ever growing issue.

The very fact that there is a growing segment of the population that believes they should be able to decide what is free speech and what is hate speech should scare every American to death.

The number of thoughts/ideas the left considers to be hateful and thus hate speech include but are not limited to:

Dislike for Homosexuality


Judaism/Jewish Faith

Illegal Immigration



Small Government

There are dozens and dozens more ideologies that thoughts that would run afoul of the “hate speech” belief and rule. Are you willing to let your speech and beliefs be dictated by those who hate you simply because of what you believe?


Campus Reform: Disturbing number of students say hate speech is not free speech, report says