What You Should Know About Child Sex Trafficking

All around the nation, there is a silent epidemic unfolding.  Its an epidemic that has been growing for decades now.  Its probably not what you think.  Its the growing epidemic of Child Sex Trafficking.

Most people think of kids on a street corner selling their bodies to any John that passes by in a car.  The reality is, that is the stuff of movies.  Sure its real in every major city in America and probably the world but its not the major place child sex and child pornography takes place.

Believe it or not, child sex trafficking is just as bad in the suburbs and even rural communities today as it is in the big city.

Thank the Internet for that.  So you need to know what to look for in order to keep your child or grandchild safe.  And if you think your kid or grand kid is not at risk or is too young, you better read on.

Traffickers think your ten-year-old is the perfect age. I know that sounds shocking to some of you, and not all ten-year-olds will be at risk in this area. But every kid, boy girl, rich or poor, broken home or seemingly together home—none of these factors change the level of risk our kids face in this area.

Its actually not hard to ensnare almost any kid.  Sexual perverts and deviants are very good and very smooth.  Your child wont even know they are being stalked until its too late.  That is how good these people have gotten.

Sure you tell your kid not to accept candy or gifts from a stranger passing by in a car or in the park, but have you told them not to accept gifts or praise from people they don’t know online?  Have you told them not to send a stranger pictures via a social media site or app?

the majority of them (especially minors) were trafficked right through social media apps. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Audio Manager, Calculator%, Vaulty, Burn Note, Line, Omegle, Tinder, Blendr, KiK messenger, Yik Yak, Ask.fm, Yubo (formerly Yellow), Reddit, and Musical.ly are just some of the apps traffickers are using to secretly connect with your child’s smart phone. Any place where private messages can take place is a bad place for your kid to be. Traffickers are willing to spend months grooming your child.

This is stuff the FBI and big city Police Chiefs are talking about.  And they should know since they have to deal with this sort of thing far too often.

You can naively continue to think your child is safe and they will most likely end up being your towns next victim.  And even though the related article author says she has not seen boys being a target often, don’t forget that the FBI and other Federal and International agencies say boys are targeted far more often than girls. Its not kidnapping, its just selling your child as a sex toy even if its just pictures.  Your son and daughter are at risk from anywhere on the globe.  Sad, but that is the reality.  


What you need to know about sex trafficking