Sex Trafficking Gets Former State Lawmaker Jail Time

Former Oklahoma State Senator, Ralph Shorty was sentenced to 15 years in jail for his roll in kiddie sex trafficking.  As sick as this may be to 99% of the population, we have to realize and understand that 1% are a tremendous danger to our children.

In this case (and it seems to be a norm for this sort of thing) Shorty was caught in the act in a motel room with a 17 year old boy.

Former state senator Ralph Shortey was sentenced Monday morning in federal court after police caught him in a Moore hotel room in March 2017 with a then 17-year-old boy. The teenager said the two had kissed and “fooled around” before police officers arrived.

According to local police, Shorty communicated with his victim via the social media app, Kik.  Representatives of the app company did not comment on the allegation.  But police all over the country warn parents to pay attention to their child’s use of social media apps and on the computer and not just the popular Twitter or Facebook sites.

Shorty faced life in prison before making a deal with prosecutors in order to get a number of child pornography charges dropped.  However, prosecutors were still seeking at least 25 years behind bars.

Shorty may be able to serve his time out of his home state by being transferred to a facility in Texas.


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