The Rod Eccles Show 7 16 18 Hour 3

Hour 3

Trey Gowdy says he doesn’t think Impeaching Rod Rosenstien is a good idea and Rod goes off and explains why Term Limits is a really good idea.  San Francisco Mayer London Breed says she has never seen so much “shit” before.  New Mayor tells non profits to do better at educating the Homeless.  Listen to Rod’s response.  CA Democrats throw Diane Feinstein under the bus for a radical leftist who thinks this radical thought will spread East across the USA.  Rep Cummings slams Trump EPA program that is actually an Obama Administration EPA program.

The Hill: Gowdy Rules Out Rosenstien Impeachment

NBC Bay Area: New San Fran Mayor Is Surprised By What She Sees

MSN: California Democrats Endorse Progressive Upstart

Hot Air: Cummings Slams Politically Charged Trump Era Program That Is Actually Obama Program