Mystery Savior of Salon is Revealed

The mystery of who is buying and saving the liberal bastion website, Salon has been revealed. They are being hailed as the saviors of the leftists’ publication. However, when you note who they are and what they have done, you wonder if they actually will be able to save Salon.

The two buyers are leftists techies who are also involved in the left leaning Snopes. But, they are also in the middle of lawsuits involving Snopes.

The two buyers, Chris Richmond and Drew Schoentrup, also bought a 50% stake in Snopes from the co-founder of the sites’ ex-wife. Then, it seems, they didn’t pay Snopes ad revenue that Richmond and Schoentrup controlled.

That forced Snopes to do a Go-Fund-Me drive to stay afloat. And now these guys have set their sights on Salon. This could get interesting.


NY Post: Mystery suitors behind Salon Media $5M deal revealed as techies