ON THE RADIO: Yes There Is An App For That, Hookups Get Legal

We often say that if we want it, want to do it, want to experience it or want to taste it, then there is an app to help us.  Thus, yes there is an app for that.

In light of all the recent accusations of sexual attacks and rape, is it any wonder that we don’t have an app in order to protect the innocent from vindictive former lovers.

Well now we do.  The Hook-up gets legal.  In a way.  Via an app.

Can you blame men who want to protect themselves from future false accusations?  Question is will, horny people stop to do two things in order to have safe sex?  Will they be able to stop and “wrap it up”?  In this case wrap it up means putting on a condom to protect against diseases and unwanted pregnancy and wrap it up meaning to protect themselves from being accused of sexual crimes.

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New York Post: Contracts For Consensual  One-Night Stands?  There’s An App For That