ON THE RADIO: Uganda President Agrees With Trump

This is one of those times when some people can say “See I told you so” but it is not coming from where you think it would or should.

The President of Uganda, (for those who don’t know, Uganda is a democratic nation on the continent of Africa) has come to to the defense of President Trump.

Even though many in the meeting where Sen Durbin said Trump called Haiti and African nations “Shitholes” say he didn’t actually say that.  The Ugandan president says that there are nations in Africa that indeed are shitholes.

President Yoweri Museveni has also said that many African nations are week and that Africa needs to fix Africa.  This will not sit well with the left in this country that assumes that if you believe or think or say Africa or other nations where black or brown people live are shitholes means you are a racist.

But do you say when leaders of those nations agree with the notion, they are shitholes?

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