ON THE RADIO: Nelly On The Hook Or Penis

The singer/raper Nelly has joined the ever growing list of men and women in politics and the entertainment industry being accused of sexual misconduct.

In this case Nelly is actually being accused of full blown rape of a fan.  Not only is she accusing the entertainer of rape, she and her lawyer have done something strange and unique.

For an injunction against Defendant Nelly (and his penis) that prohibits him from engaging in sexual assault against female fans after concerts using the unique methods and plans described above;

Yes the accuser has asked a court to put in effect a full injunction against Nelly’s penis.  This is a problem.  Yes it is funny if you understand the law.  But it is a problem.

I have often said that changing the meaning of words would lead to a lot of confusion and miscommunication and it would cause problems in our public and legal systems.  And low and behold, here we have the beginnings of such a thing.

Words do have meaning and we cannot begin changing those meanings just off the cuff in order to fit our needs.  If you do, then you start getting ridiculous things like this.  So what if the judge decides to give this accuser the relief she is seeking.

Does that mean Nelly’s hands would not be covered?  How about his feet and toes?  Maybe his elbows would be free to rape a fan?  You see where I am going with this and if you think Im taking it too far, just wait until a smart lawyer gets hold of this.

Words have meaning.

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