ON THE RADIO: NJ Town Wants To Fine Non Residents For Using Its Roads

There is a rather small community in the state of New Jersey that wants to fine motorist for using their local streets and roads.

Yes you read that correctly.  The little town of Leonia, NJ wants to make is roughly 60 local streets off limits to non residents.  And to do this, they want to fine drivers $200 bucks for being on the wrong roadway at the wrong time.

Leonia is less than a mile from the George Washington Bridge so its understandable that during certain times of the day, the small town may be inundated with traffic.

That is the problem.  It seems that traffic and map apps like Waze and Google Maps often direct people onto those neighborhood streets as alternatives to the 3 or so main roadways.  This ends up causing back ups on local streets.

I do feel for this community but obviously the answer is not to fine the driver for using their roads which are paid for by drivers in their licenses and registrations and gas taxes and other motorists related fees and taxes, is to improve existing roads and even build new ones or improve public and commuter transportation in order to reduce the number of cars.

But this is New Jersey so real fixes to their problems are never considered.  The go to answer is to raise taxes or create new laws turning law abiding citizens into fine paying criminals.  Just another tax, actually.

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