As Long As She Can Hang On

The reality is, for as long as she can actually stay alive.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg is putting her own desires ahead of the nation even though she knows she does not have much longer on this earth.

Lets face it, at her age (85) and her visual health, I would bet that she does not have many years left on this earth.  But instead of doing the right thing and stepping down and retiring, Ginsburg has decided that she alone cannot allow Trump the possibility of nominating another Judge.

Her fear is the tipping of the balance on the court.

That is her problem right there.  You see, the judges on the court, all the judges on the court, should be originalist that believe their only job is to interpret the US Constitution.  Period.

The fact that the left hates Trump so much that they would even go so far as to try and stay alive just to prevent him from exercising his presidential duties is sick and not in a good way.

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