The Slap Heard ‘Round The World

Some Reality About Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock

I know if you didn’t see the Oscars you probably have seen the clip of Will Smith walking up on the Oscar’s stage and slapping Chris Rock across the face. All caught on live TV. You have probably seen all the resulting memes if nothing else.

What you may not be getting is all the news about this slap. I’m not talking about the arguments from conspiracy theorist that this was all staged. Both men are accomplished actors. Both men have done physical comedy and physical acting in the past. In my opinion both men are very good entertainers but neither is a great actor.

The news is all about different folks of different backgrounds and such condemning the violence Will Smith perpetrated upon Chris Rock. Along with the excuse that Smith wont be prosecuted because he is black and/or an elite. What is ignored is the fact that Rock himself is said to have refused to press charges. If that is the case then this should end all the speculation.

But it doesn’t.

And neither do the stories and reports of groups condemning violence as a means to resolve conflict. Well I am here to tell you frankly, that is bull shit. Let me be clear. Violence has served mankind since the dawn of time. Violence has even served God Himself. Its actually IN the bible.

Even though most of us hate it, violence IS necessary sometimes. It can also be righteous. I am sure you have heard the saying “the only good pacifist is a dead pacifist and indeed they wont be alive for long”.

I am not saying I condone violence but I don’t condemn it. Sometimes it is necessary to achieve a Godly goal. As it is written and expressed directly in the bible. Sure Christ says to forgive. But God also told Israel to kill and destroy. There is a time to turn the other cheek and there is a time to punch a cheek.

Not too long ago in human history, a man slapping another man was a sign of humiliation and challenge. If one man slapped you across the face he was humiliating you and challenging you to a dual of some sort. If you refused, you were labeled a coward and lost standing within the community.

If you accepted said challenge, you most likely were going to die as the challenger almost always was better at fighting than the challenged. Well lets view Smith and Rock for a second.

Smith is obviously bigger and taller and stronger. Hell he even trained in fighting and boxing for some of his movies. Unless Rock is secretly a martial arts black belt, he stood no chance against Smith in a full on brawl. Doesn’t make Rock a coward. Makes him smart.

But Rod, you may scream, what did Smith accomplish? He kept Rock from making further jokes about his wife. And I am sure you will be hard pressed to hear Rock make any more Jada Pinket jokes in the near future.

Objective accomplished on Smith’s part. Did his reputation take a dip? Maybe but it wont last and will soon be forgotten by the masses. However, Chris Rock will never ever forget the time Will Smith “smacked the shit out of” him on stage.

As tasteless as it may be, sometimes violence still works.