ON THE RADIO: Bannon Group Shopped Anti Trump Doc In 2015

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly.  Mr. Bannon and his group tried to derail Donald J Trump before he even got started, back in 2015.  Many believe Trump did not know this at the time and that is how Bannon got into the Trump Administration.

Point is, Bannon is nothing more than a double agent for the Never-Trump, Anti Trump, Political Swamp crowd.

It is also speculated, and Trump even eluded to this in a few tweets, that Bannon was the Administration Leaker In Chief.  If you haven’t noticed, the massive leaking coming out of the White House has diminished substantially since Bannon’s exit.

The information that this article has, shows and proves that Bannon was never really a Pro Trump ally.  And Trump figured this out and thus dispatched Bannon out of the Administration.

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