Logical Wisdom Of El Rod

People who claim you cannot make it without government help are not friends of liberty.  They are minions of Satan. 

Rod Eccles Podcast 1 23 20

Rod was right yet again and Adam Schiff, of all people, proved him right. Mr. Schiff actually told the press and media that he believes people don’t know how to vote. He has laid the groundwork on trying to nullify the elections of 2020. Rod explains why this is dangerous and why Schiff is once again, lying through his teeth.

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The Rod Eccles Show Podcast 1 22 20

California is on the war path against cancer. Well, maybe not. A popular pain killer may get special labels, special handling, and massive limits on how much you can purchase. This is a long standing, safe over the counter pain killer. The state wants to label it a carcinogenic. Tune in to hear what it is.

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