Logical Wisdom Of El Rod

One person can change the world.  They can usher in oppression or freedom. History is proof of this. 

Everything Is Political

You probably never bothered to check to see if your clothing, your car or your coffee has hidden political messages embedded in them somewhere. These messages often give a clear view of what that company stands for and believes and even more enlightening is where their donation dollars are going. Those dollars come from your pocket.

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China v India

Here is an update from the BBC. Please note that India is still part of the British Commonwealth. This means an Indian war with China could draw the British Empire into the fray which would then drag the USA in.

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Last Man Standing

Covid-19 has brought a one million candle power light to the issue that is facing mankind today. Do we stand at this crossroad and take the road to tyranny which is camouflaged as Socialism or do we take the road of freedom?

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