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Your Talent is a gift from God to you. How well you utilize that gift is your gift back to God.

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The Rod Eccles Show 1 18 22

California is trying to pass Single Payer Health Care. Rod tells you what its expected to do with taxes in that state as well as why it may be near impossible to ever change if it is ever passed and more on Covid. Some stuff you just wont believe.

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The Rod Eccles Show 1 17 22

Today Rod discusses a number of topics including, AOC and her hypocritical stance on Covid-19, Florida and her home state of NY. And Rod dishes on other COVID topics. And what will taking a cruise look like? Rod has an answer and why its really, really stupid not to go on a big boat if that is what you want.

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The Rod Eccles Show 1 4 22 Hour 3

Rod takes on the Fear Machine and exposes it for what it is especially as it pertains to Covid-19. But he points out that this pertains to everything in life. Then Rod gets serious about your finances and how they affect your FREEDOM in America and indeed around the world. You will be taking notes during this segment.

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The Rod Eccles Show 1 4 22 Hour 2

At the start of this hour Rod talks a bit about Ted Cruz and then gets into what Senator Cruz thinks will happen to Biden if the House of Representatives flips in the November, 2022 elections. Impeachment? Then Rod delves into the latest on Covid-19 and how one of his predictions has come to pass, although a bit early.

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The Rod Eccles Show 1 4 22

Rod begins the show giving listeners a lesson on Internet Account security. Do you know all of your online accounts past and present? He tells you why this is very important. Rod also goes into detail what the news media is today and its not about the news and how badly these cable giants are actually doing plus a story sure to make you laugh especially since its about CNN.

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The Rod Eccles Show 1 3 22 Hour 3

Hour 3 Rod talks about BACON. Yes some bacon that he just adores now plus AOC and how you must pronounce her name and what she is doing in Florida. And Rod answers back to AOC’s claim that all Conservative men want to date her. On a more serious note, Rod tackles the all too real debacle that is President Joe Biden especially when it comes to Russia, China and Ukraine. Not a segment to miss.

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The Rod Eccles Show 1 3 22 Hour 2

In Hour 2 Rod takes you back in the early days of this program and plays one of his most commented on clips. Give a listen to “Battleship” and see why this segment helped to catapult Rod to a higher level. Plus learn more logic and reason when it comes to the Pandemic shutdown. Was if fair? Rod explains all.

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