Twitter Twoubles

How Twitter and Major Socials Killed Free Speech

By Rod Eccles

By now you have heard the massive news coming out of Twitter thank to Elon Musk. Wait. If you follow the other major Socials or watch the Main Stream Media or watch YouTube then you probably don’t know the troubles that Twitter has caused.

And there is the rub, folks. We are in an era of massive information control. Yes, especially here in the USA. The land of the free. Free Speech advocates bar none.

What we are learning, thanks to Elon Musk, is this diabolical “speech policing” is wide and deep. Very deep. It is so bad that even Adolf Hitler would be impressed. Mao Would be impressed. Stalin would be impressed. And believe me when I say, those are not the kinds of people you want to have admiring your society.

I won’t rehash everything that has been learned because you can easily find that information…and you should search it out and read/watch and learn.

Lets just say what Musk is revealing is proof of the beginning of what many dystopian movies portray. The Corporate/Government team up. You know where giant companies in their respective fields control the flow of information and thus control the form of government we all must live by.

This is Capitalism-Cronyism in its most insidious form.

The Socials and the Media team up to limit the flow of information that the public needs and deserves. They direct the minds of the people and even tell them how to vote and thus these corporations design and control our government to their benefit.

It doesn’t matter what it is, if the left is directing your attention their way then that means they want the full control of you and your family and your community in those matters.

And its working. Big Time.

Take the environmental movement. Oil and Gas are evil. So evil that many kids under 18 actually believe the world will end by environmental calamity before they reach 65. They believe so firmly that they are going to die that they will do really stupid and illogical things to “protect” the environment even if it means giving up all modern conveniences and remaking society.

They are so indoctrinated by the Socials and Media that even if you manage to challenge them, those Socials and the Media will lock you down. They will block you. They will attempt to delete you. They will even go so far as to ruin your life by getting you fired from your job. And yes, all of this has happened.

Even this website is not immune. My web host could decide at any moment that my speech is hate speech and remove me from their servers. And before you think that wont happen, such things have already happened. Most notably the right leaning socials of Gab and Parler. Parler was nearly put out of business because of this thing called “de-platforming”.

These Socials and Media giants and their minions have been hauled before Congress in the past to explain their actions and they have lied through their teeth saying no such speech deprivation exist.

Well Musk has proven them to be giant liars.

The collusion to affect and effect the 2020 elections is now very clear. And the evidence is leading us back to the 2016 elections and even further back.

The evidence of their collusion with government…the Deep State is also very clear. Even to the point of these Socials being privy to FBI information and direction.

The government is even bragging a little on how they keep in touch with certain Socials and tell them what is “disinformation” and should be removed and the poster shadow banned, blocked or removed from their various platforms. You can’t get more invidious than that unless you start locking up people that disagree with you. And don’t think that if we don’t fight back, such things will begin to happen in the USA.

The left has already said that certain people should be jailed, careers ruined, even killed. And you don’t hear a peep of such things from our Media.

Information is the ultimate power. Control the information and you control the public. This is how dictators have ruled down through human history.

Now we have actual proof in the form of actual documents written by the very people who have sought to control your thoughts and feelings.

Now what are you going to do about it?