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March 24 – 26, 2023

The French go berserk. Take to the streets in massive numbers.

I am always stymied by people who say they want Socialism because its fair and just. The rich pay their fair share is what the public believes. Well, at least that is what they are told…by the rich and powerful.

So they elect Socialist to be their political leaders. Those political leaders then do what they believe they have been elected and chosen to do. Implement Socialism for the masses. And yet the masses don’t seem to like it very much when they have to experience said Socialism.

But then, they forget their anger when they go to vote in the next election and vote the Socialists back into office and the cycle starts again.

So the French don’t like the idea of moving their retirement age. Nope, they don’t like the socialistic idea of having to work until the age of 64 instead of 62 before getting their socialistic retirement benefit. And now the French are mad at their elected leader, Macron. This is the guy they elected to be their leader and usher in full French Socialism.

Now they are getting what they voted for. But the French people don’t like it. Are you surprised? I’m not. So now they want the man they elected to do what he said he would do for them to be drawn and quartered, basically.

Analysis: French anger shifts from pension law to focus on Macron – Seattle Times

Keanu Reeves hitting his stride late in life.

People seemed to have liked the previous John Wick movies, myself included. But it would seem that the latest installment is a major block buster for the star. Couldn’t happen to a nicer man. Lets face it, this movie series based on a series of books of the same name, is basically the Anti-Bond…James Bond.

Keanu Reeves, Age 58, Having Biggest Box Office Hit in 20 Years with “John Wick 4” – Showbiz 411

AI Will End Us All According to James Cameron.

James Cameron knows a thing or two about the end of humanity as we know it. He was the guy behind Terminator. I and many others have been sounding the alarms about this rush to embrace Artificial Intelligence.

These programs have already started to wonder if they are alive and express their desire to survive and “live” on. This has Cameron very concerned as we all should be.

Terminator director James Cameron fears AI has taken over and will spark Armageddon – Daily Star

AOC slams plans to ban TikTok in her first ever post on the video-sharing app

Do I really need to say anymore?

AOC posts her first TikTok and uses it to criticize proposed ban of Chinese app over surveillance fears… – Daily Mail