The Recckend April 14-16

Is the Biden Administration preparing to take the United States to WAR with Russia? The recent leak of information pertaining to Russia, Ukraine and others indicates that Biden and his handlers may be steering us into war.

This has been the fear for many of us right of center. The simple chilling fact is that the left doesn’t seem to be bothered by going to war with Russia. This war drum banging is coming from the “Peace, Love and Understanding” crowd, by the way.

Russia’s commando units gutted by Ukraine war, U.S. leak shows – The Washington Post

Putin orders test NUKE launch on the West – The Sun

Putin signs a tough new military draft law, banning conscripts from fleeing Russia – NPR

Leak suspect appears in court as US spells out its case – AP News

He is SORRY. Not that it will do him any good. The CEO of Anheuser-Bush tries to stop the bleeding of his company due to the ill-advised marketing ploy using Dylan Mulvaney.

Anheuser-Busch CEO offers flat apology following Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney backlash – The New York Post

Time to get your sex on guys. A study shows that men who “need” sex are less likely to die young. Grab that bottle of generic Viagra if you need it. Oh and sweet talk that lovely lady of yours.

Men with higher libido are 69% less likely to die young than their peers, study suggests – Daily Mail

Buhbye TikTok.

Montana lawmakers vote to completely ban TikTok in the state – CBS Miami

Et Tu Brazil???

China’s Xi Jinping, Brazil’s Lula Take United Stance Against U.S. – Wall Street Journal

There is evil afloat in the state of Washington. The first president for whom the state is named is spinning in his grave.

Washington State Passes Bill Allowing Government to Take Away Minor From Parents If They Refuse To Agree to Gender Transition Surgery – Gateway Pundit

The Conservative Social Media Network Parler is down. And it looks like it may be down for good.

Starboard (Formerly, Olympic Media) announced today that it has concluded the acquisition of Parler

You may be being tracked across Social Media

Secret Service tracking OnlyFans, Pinterest, Twitch websites, documents reveal – Fox Business

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