The Recckend

March 31 – April 2, 2023

Protests, Protests and more Protests

Protests in Europe are heating up. But you have to wonder, what are they protesting for and against? The simple answer is they are protesting FOR Socialism. But they are also protesting FOR Freedom. Kind of ironic.

People in France, Spain, Belgium and other European nations are protesting for bigger AND smaller government at the same time. They want government to stop with their ESG and Enviro-agenda 2030. They want government to leave their farms alone, their jobs alone, their energy consumption alone.

But at the same time, these people also don’t want to work until they are the ripe old age of 64 or 65 years old. This is what happens when you believe government can and will provide EVERYTHING for you the way you want it, when you want it. It never works.

Fiery French protests and widespread Israeli strike reflect discord with democracy – Market Watch

The Indictment of the Century

On March 30, NYC District Attorney Bragg decided he needed something to BRAG about and indicted former President Donald Trump on what we are told are some 34 counts. The indictment is sealed until this Tuesday when Trump will be arraigned in a NYC court of law.

Of course people have taken sides. The left has reacted with glee. They wanted him arrested and tried for SOMETHING, ANYTHING. Which is a very dangerous thing to do. Bragg has opened a can of worms I think the left may soon regret.

As soon as a Republican is in charge or Republicans hold both houses of congress, you can bet that there will be investigations and charges that are politically motivated and levied against Democrats.

This will tear our nation apart. The charges as we currently know them, are unconstitutional, illegal, past the time limit and in the wrong jurisdiction. A smart and constitutional judge would throw this out with dirty bathwater. But it’s New York City, so such a judge will be hard to come by.

Trump faces more than 30 counts related to business fraud – CNN

Orange Man Bad – Video – Paul Joseph Watson

The Far Right Is Calling For Bloody ‘Civil War’ After Trump’s Indictment – Vice

Keep that iPhone away from your chest

We have heard about possible brain cancers from holding a cell phone to your ear too much or for too long. In fact, we are told that we should have headphones of some kind when using our cell phones.

Well now Apple is issuing a major warning and people probably should pay attention and take heed to such a warning.

Apple warning tells millions how far to keep iPhone from chest – The US Sun

Are Phone Cases Needed for your Cell Phone?

I don’t use a case and I never have used a case. I have used a glass protector. But honestly, when I have broken my phone or cracked my screen, it was never do to dropping it or otherwise abusing it. I usually put the damn thing in my back pocket and sit on it. Most cases will NOT protect your phone from your fat ass. I know people with cases that have sat on their phones and cracked their screens.

Take a look at this and decide for yourself.

Italy Knows Something We Don’t Know?

I have talked about the hazards of AI, specifically Chat GPT. Well the Italian government isn’t taking this new (not really that new) technology very seriously. So seriously in fact that they have decided to BAN it.

You may think this is extreme but in reality it really isn’t. We have heard from people in the industry and close to the industry that have recently said we need to slow our roll on this thing for at least 6 months.

Obviously industry insiders know stuff we don’t. At least we don’t know YET.

Italy bans ChatGPT over privacy concerns – Semafor

Is The 800lb Gorilla of Money on the Ropes?

There have been increasing attacks on the US Dollar as the world currency of business. China has been leading these attacks.

Although you have many people in the financial world who claim the US Dollar is not in danger of losing its monarchy on the currency world, others, like myself, think that is shallow thinking. And we have history to back us up.

You see, at one point in the industrialized world, the British Pound/Sterling was the currency of business in the world. Then after WWII, the British ruined their economy, had rampant inflation and devalued their money so much that the world switched to the US Dollar. That lead to a massive recession in Brittan that lasted for years and years.

Some say the British Empire never fully recovered. Well the stakes are MUCH higher today. The USA has a tremendous amount of national debt and we can only carry that debt if the world uses our dollar to trade with. If they stop, we become Britain after WWII on steroids.

China is cutting deals with individual nations, one at a time, to drop the US Dollar in their trading. These countries, some considered to be our allies, are folding and accepting the Chinese deal. That ain’t good for the USA.

China And Brazil Strike Deal To Ditch The US Dollar – ZeroHedge

AI Selfies with historical figures and their posses. No, really. If Jesus and His crew had a cell phone, what would a selfie look like? AI has the answer. Check it out.

Ancient ‘AI selfies’ reveal what snaps by Jesus and other historical figures might have looked like – The US Sun