The Recckend April 21 – 23

Earth Day weekend is here. There is little fanfare this year because many people are starting to wake up to the actual dangers of the Green Agenda. Its Anti-human in reality.

For example, CA wants all new cars sold in the state by 2035 to be electric. Problem is, they are telling people who already own an EV in the state to avoid charging them during the day. Why? Because they don’t have enough electric producing capacity to handle the demand.

Its very, very, VERY hard and expensive to build a power plant in CA which is why so few new ones have been built over the last two decades. So if you don’t have enough electricity to go around, how are you gonna support millions of EV’s on the road?

You know the answer to that.


This is April of 2023 and I STILL see idiots wearing masks in public. STILL! What is even worse is that today I saw a man (at least I think he was a man, he looked like a man but he may have identified as a woman) in a Toyota truck, wearing a mask, alone, with windows rolled up.

We have codified stupidity and insanity. We now let the truly insane run freely on the streets of America. We even let them drive.


The Supreme Court of the United States of America has made its decision on the so-called abortion pill. Sort of. Women can still get the pill freely…for now.

Joe Biden vows to keep battling for abortion pill access – as SCOTUS preserves access (for now) – Daily Mail


There is another JOY evidently. Its that of an empty brain. I think a lot of young people have this joy all the time.

The Joy of a Totally Empty Brain – Wall Street Journal



Biden admin appears to give pass to Chinese-backed green energy plant – Fox News


Another win for Elon? How thin is your skin if you can’t handle a little blow back on Twitter?

LGBTQ centers leave Twitter following removal of hateful conduct protections – Mashable


I told you that Gen Z was going to be trouble. They are the biggest snowflakes on the planet. At least Millennials could take a “punch”. Gen Z doesn’t seem like they can.

Melting under the pressure! HALF of managers complain it’s ‘difficult’ to work with snowflake Gen Z employees – Daily Mail


Well they can get away with this in MA because most folks have no way of defending themselves via a firearm because MA is a very anti-gun state. But the reality is, these “warriors” are actually harming the environment. Now those tires have to go to a landfill much earlier than if they didn’t destroy them and that means they have to be replaced sooner, using tons of oil. You can’t make this up.

Eco-zealots return to US to wreak havoc on Boston as they slash FORTY-THREE tires on luxury SUVs – Daily Mail


Puerto Rico is flying under the radar. Will they be a state? Will they become their own country? Will they remain a territory of the USA? What do you think?


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