I was talking with a friend recently. He was a little down. He looked at me and asked if he could share something a little disturbing that he experienced last week. Of course, I said yes even though I was expecting something pretty shocking.

This friend is a banker. He is very stable and very outgoing. He always has a smile on his face and will give you the the shirt off his back. He has energy to spare, in barrels. I mean this guy is always on the go and is very confident in himself and the work he does.

He serves as a high level officer at his bank. He also serves on the boards of a few charities and civic organizations around town. People who know him, always speak highly of him. In fact I am honored to call him friend.

He is a smart guy. He is on the ball. He is on top of many subjects. And he voted for Trump. TWICE.

And that was the issue. A friend of his told him that everyone’s opinion matters. Then preceded to inform him that he was STUPID for voting for Trump.

I had to tell him the truth. Liberals tend to do this. They claim, rather loudly, that they are tolerant and open minded. They put forth an air of acceptance. In fact, leftists tell us that they are the only ones that actually care about others and their feelings.

The truth I had to tell him is that liberals are the LEAST tolerant and most closed minded individuals on the planet. They will preach one thing and actually do the opposite.

Try being a black man who is a conservative who also voted for Trump. TWICE. Tell a liberal this bit of information and they will have a meltdown.

The fact is I have had no less than two white liberals tell me that I was and idiot for being duped by Trump and Conservatives. I was told that I should be offended by what the Republicans do. When I say, I am not offended by Republicans, I am told, at least twice by white liberals “I will tell you what you should be offended by.”

Frankly, that is one of the most offensive things anyone has ever said to me.

If you follow the party line, if you tow the liberal mantra, if you are a good little (insert N word here) then the Democrats will take care of you. But if you wander off of the little slave plantation then you will be the recipient of their most tepid anger.

Liberals want only ONE thing. Your obedience. Period.

No thinking for yourself. Actually, no thinking at all. You must feel, you must emote on everything. It doesn’t matter what the facts may be. It doesn’t matter what reasoning you may use. If you don’t tow the line as they see it then you are not worthy of having an opinion.

So the next time a leftists is offended by your beliefs, facts or logic you should feel joy. Joy in knowing you are on the right track.

Oh and joy in watching them melt down.