COVID is short for Communism

Why and How COVID-19 became the biggest weapon against Freedom

Since about March of 2020, the world has been enthralled and rolled over the Sars CoV-2 virus otherwise known as COVID-19. We, the public, the citizenry of the world including here in the USA wondered how this could have happened and where this virus came from.

Early on we heard rumors that it started in a biomedical laboratory in Wuhan, China. But true to leftists media form, the rumor was thought to be that of conspiracy nut jobs. We also heard rumors that the virus first appeared as far back as August or September of 2019.

Again the media said this was the nut job scenario and could not be taken seriously. After all, this was all happening on then President Trump’s watch and we all know that the left said he had to go by any means necessary. By the way, nobody on the left disputes this.

So we were told the infections started in China in the beginning of December 2019. President Trump jumped on this issue as soon as he could get real information. He began to limit travel to and from China. The left through a fit.

Remember House of Representatives Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi going to a “China Town” and decrying loudly that everyone should hug Asians? She did do that and it was all over the news. Thus Trump was a racist for sure.

Then the virus began its stampeded across the USA. We saw American cases begin to rise in January 2020. Then President Trump restricted travel to and from China to nearly zero and again the left screamed racism.

Then came March 2020 and the world stopped. It just stopped. Here in the USA we went into an unprecedented “lock down” where only “essential” workers were allowed to go to work. Businesses big and small were shuttered. Employees that could not work from home were laid off. Unemployment skyrocketed into the double digits.

We were told, just 15 days to flatten the curve so our hospitals and medical workers would not be overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases. But over those two weeks, the number of cases kept rising as did the death toll. (However, that death toll is in serious question for reasons I will not go into with this article)

As the numbers kept increasing, even though nearly 100% of small and medium businesses were closed, a new approach came down from high. MASKS. They would save us all. Mask mandates popped up almost everywhere as governments all across the USA from the Federal level down to the local municipal level touted the effectiveness of masks. Masks of any kind including simple cloth masks many folks made at home.

But this edict came after one of the top government Medical Professionals in the nation, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said these sorts of masks were silly and ineffective. By the way, Dr. Fauci not only did a 180 degree turn, he still wants masks to be mandated for everyone just about everywhere especially for children in school.

There is a problem with masks however. The United States Government says these kinds of mask (sans COVID-19) are not effective against viral or many biological diseases, especially those that are airborne. Various governmental agencies agree how ineffective they are.

Not to mention we now have numerous studies that show just how ineffective these masks are. And to further drive the point home, most manufacturers of these masks overtly state that their masks are not intended to prevent viral infection or prevent viral spread.

And lets not forget the Social Distancing requirements. That was one of the biggest uses of fear mongering our government has used through this entire pandemic. But the truth is that 6 feet is not enough. In fact, WebMD has a report on a study that says in order to truly be effective, Social Distancing should be at least 26 feet. More than 4 times the distance touted as being protective in social settings.

But social distancing along with wearing a mask and closing all but “essential” businesses was intended to flatten the curve. Another bad idea. Johns Hopkins actually has an article that shows what flattening the curve does. The only conclusion after reviewing this study is that flattening the curve does relieve the immediate stress on our health care system. For the short term. The reality is that it extends the pandemic by months or even years thus actually causing MORE death and debilitation.

So why did our government, under now President Joe Biden, double down on something that doesn’t work? Answer is simple. POWER and CONTROL.

Even as everyone wore a mask anytime they went anywhere outside of their home (some communities even mandated via arrest and/or fine that you wear the mask anytime you were off your own property including OUTSIDE.)

Even parks and beaches were closed yet the spread did not stop. Probably because everyone was herded into large box stores to make essential purchases.

Lets rewind or should I say “circle back” for a moment. President Trump saw how devastating this virus seemed to be so he initiated something called Warp Speed in order to find a vaccine. This meant that drug manufacturers could speed up the research and development of said vaccine.

Seeing a big fat payday, these pharmaceutical companies went to work. And in a matter of months they had vaccines ready for human trials. Then these trials were fast tracked. This means there was not extensive testing at any level to detect or find any side effects of these new drugs. There was no time to see how effective these new vaccines would be in the short and long term. Even though we were told they would be up to 96% effective.

BUT, hold on. We were not saved. You see, during the presidential campaign of 2020, then candidate Joe Biden said he wouldn’t trust a vaccine created under President Trump. Many Democrat candidates of all levels echoed those sentiments.

November of 2020 the elections came and Biden won the Presidency. Democrats won control, basically, of the Senate and kept their stranglehold on the House. As Biden came into office in January of 2021, their tone on the vaccines changed. Almost overnight.

At first they strongly recommended that people get the vaccines. They even had “shows” of various Democrat leaders getting the “jab”. We are told it was one of the three current vaccines in use in the USA.

When some in the media suggested that there should be a mandate, the Biden Administration and even Nancy Pelosi said they could not do it because it would be unconstitutional.

Unconstitutional until they figured out a way to ignore the constitution and begin federal mandates and push and connive and coerce local and state governments and business to do so in the Feds stead.

But wait. There is a problem with the vaccines. A growing number of people are developing serious side effects after taking the drugs. Not to mention we have learned that they do not perform as promised and their efficacy has plummeted to below 50%. Fully vaccinated folks are getting COVID-19 and some are even dying. But the mandates persist.

A number of studies show that the COVID-19 vaccines indeed to not work as promised. They do indeed produce some serious side effects including liver problems, high blood pressure and other serious maladies. And a number of studies show that these vaccines do not seem to protect as well as natural immunity. In other words, people who have had COVID and recovered have a better built immunity against repeat infection than those who get the vaccines.

In the United Kingdom, there was and is an outbreak of COVID cases among the fully vaccinated. In fact the number of people hospitalized for COVID there who are fully vaccinated, exceeded 76%. The number of people dying there due to COVID, well according the the Brits, 80% of the deaths were of those who were fully vaccinated. I guess that throws out a LOT of the reasons they are using in the USA to get the “jab.”

I wont even get into the issue of wanting to force these vaccines upon your children. The thought of kids getting these things frightens me to no end. Let me just say that there are major studies that show that kids between 12 and 17, especially boys, are at increased risk of myocarditis. Not something to take lightly.

And yet our governments seem bent on making sure each of us bend to their will. How? By actually telling you that if you don’t get the vaccine you will lose your job, not be able to attend popular events, eat out at a restaurant or even shop in person for groceries. In other words, Biden and the Democrats will crush your basic rights as outlined and protected by the Constitution.

In short, the left wants to mandate things that don’t work and wont keep you safe and in some cases may even kill you if you don’t bend to their will. I wont bend. I wont willingly take any current COVID-19 vaccine. Indeed at least 70 million other Americans refuse as well. The government and business does not have the right to force anyone. That is nothing more than authoritarianism and communism.

That’s not America to me. Is that America to you?