Return of The Rod

Zinc Media Arts has announced that the Rod Eccles Show will return live on Monday, January 3, 2022. The broadcast will air from Noon to 3 pm Eastern Time on ZMA Radio and RodEccles.Net.

The program will focus on the usual; politics, current events and pop culture but will add something new to the mix. Personal and Business Finance and Personal Freedom and Responsibility. Rod says, “think of this new format as a mix of Rush Limbaugh meets Dave Ramsey meets Glen Beck meets Robert Schuller from the Hour of Power days.”

Rod says that the program as always, will focus on absolute truth and logic and common sense. Still believing in the greatness of the individual as long as government allows that individual to pursue their hopes and dreams with all the gifts God has given them.

An international call-in number will be established for the program and anyone and everyone will be invited to call in and comment, ask questions but he does ask that callers be respectful to others who will be listening.