Everything Is Political

There has been a lot of talk of late about how it seems so much of our everyday life has been drafted into the political arena. Even Rush Limbaugh has mentioned this numerous times on his syndicated radio program.

The sad fact is this is true. But the truth in this matter is far more insidious than what the average person believes or knows.

Now, you, your body, your car, your entertainment, even your job is political. You can’t get away from it. Of course, you are probably saying how is it possible for all of those things to be political.

First you have to understand that there is a connection, a symbiotic relationship between money and politics. You have to have money and in order to get that money, politics has turned to business small to big.

The eye opener is that you, as a consumer, are unwittingly giving your money to businesses who openly and covertly support political views that are the opposite of yours. Don’t believe me? How about this:

When it comes to politics the US outdoor clothing brand Patagonia wears its heart on its sleeve. However this latest stunt has been a little more pared back.

In 2017 the company filed lawsuits against the federal government over attempts to redraw Utah’s Bears Ears National Monument and has boycotted trade shows over political differences. The company is not quiet about its differences of opinion with those in opposition to their views on environmental and ideological issues.

Patagonia: Patagonia sews secret messages, political division into outdoor clothing

You probably never bothered to check to see if your clothing, your car or your coffee has hidden political messages embedded in them somewhere. These messages often give a clear view of what that company stands for and believes and even more enlightening is where their donation dollars are going. Those dollars come from your pocket.

How does it make you feel to know that when you buy that latte, the company will take your dollar and give it to a political organization or movement that you cannot stand or agree with? How about your shorts and t-shirt? You may think that those are peanuts.

OK, then how about your vehicle? Now you are talking thousands of your dollars. Not to mention, those shorts may be even more detrimental to your political and religious views because more people may be buying them. That means some of these companies will have hug treasure chests to dip into.

Just think if Apple or Amazon decided to use their profits to champion their beliefs. Oh wait, they already do.

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Patagonia: Patagonia sews secret messages, political division into outdoor clothing

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