Rod Eccles Show Podcast 2 4 20

The Rod Eccles Show: Podcast: 2 3 2020: On this episode, Rod gets deeps. He talks about the recent revelation from Rush Limbaugh. Rod tells you what Rush means to him personally and what he believes Rush means to the nation as a whole. Its heartfelt and will move you.

Are you a beef lover? Then you may find your favorite kind or brand of imported beef hard to find in the coming days. Simply because left leaning governments think they can dictate and control everything when in reality they control very little because markets are dynamic and not static. Find out if your steak or ribs is gonna cost you a lot more in 2020.

Iowa is a mess for Democrats. Rod delves into the mess and lets you know its not what you probably think. Sure the DNC does not want Bernie Sanders to be their nominee but that is not the reason behind the Iowa Caucuses debacle. Rod has the details.