Rod Eccles Show Podcast 1 10 20

January 10, 2020. Rod talks about the Wealth Tax narrative spearheaded by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, two major Democrats running for President. Rod tells you why so many wealthy people, including those like Bill Gates, are against such a tax. It will damage the economy, people will lose jobs and business will move off shore. Rod tells you exactly why.

Plus, the Democrats are running on a negative platform. In other words, why are so many Democrats condemning the current booming economy? Because they can blame a bad economy on Trump just like they are blaming Trump for Iran shooting down a Ukrainian jet over Iran.

The British Royals are all in a huff about Prince Harry and Princess Megan. Rod explains why this was going to happen no matter what plus, did you buy the DNA services offered by 23&Me? Rod has some shocking news for you.