Your TV Is Spying On You Warns FBI

Now this is interesting. Or is it? I have been warning people about their TV and even Cable TV Box. The technology of the day allows for ever smaller cameras and microphones to be placed in all kinds of devices.

Plus, technology has improved so much that you can even hide these spy devices behind things such as your TV screen. The worst part is that many manufacturers are not even telling you that your new device has the ability to see and/or hear you. Remember the outrage over the Nest thermostat?

Now the FBI is warning people of the new crop of Smart TV’s. These things can watch and hear you but that is not the worst of it. The worst part is that these devices have low level security and you must hook them up to the Internet for them to be of real use to you.

This means that your TV is now seen by hackers who can hack your TV and take video and audio of you. Not to mention is you do anything on your TV such as shopping or inputting passwords to websites and apps. Its all vulnerable to hackers.

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Now even the FBI is warning about your smart TV security