Romney Sees Only Russians

Mitt Romney, the Never Trumper that he is, has really shown his true colors. Mit claims that he doesn’t see any Ukrainian hands on the 2016 election meddle button.

Of course, Mit is forgetting about all of the news coming out of Ukraine during 2019 alone about how the Ukrainian government and courts have admitted to meddling in our elections.

This meddling also seemed to be of help to Hillary Clinton and a detriment to Donald Trump. But Mitt says he can’t see Ukrainian meddling in our elections.

I guess, Mitt, along with almost every Democrat and Never Trumper Swamp Monster is saying that the Ukrainians are nothing but liars and they should overturn each and every conviction related to this debacle. Oh and the Ukrainians should also let all of the convicted out of jail as well.

Mit has spoken from upon high here in the USA and he and the rest of the American Swamp have determined that it was only the Russians and Trump and Putin.

Maybe we should start calling the Senator, Catchers Mitt because he seems to be playing ball with the Democrats on this issue.

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