LED light can damage eyes

I wonder how many Americans remember when or who banned incandescent light bulbs in the USA. Would you be surprised to be reminded of the fact that this phase out and a ban was approved back in 2007 under a then-President George W Bush?

It was an attempt by the government to bring LED lights to the fore because the technology, at the time, was moving too slow and was too expensive for most people.

Congress and the Environmental lobby thought that LED lights would save a LOT of greenhouse gasses from being produced for a lesser need to produce electric power.

Sure enough, these lights have improved greatly in 2019 vs 2007 and even 2014 when the full effect of the “Edison” style light phase out was felt. The improvement includes the price. LED bulbs are indeed a fraction of the price they used to be. And as for the life of the bulb, they are cheaper than all previous types of lights both in energy consumption and purchase price vs useful life.

But, as with fluorescent lights, LED’s are now being called out for their detriment to human health. These negative benefits, to name a few, include interrupting sleep, increasing depression and now some evidence that they can negatively affect your eyes.

Does this make me want to dump my LED bulbs? No. But it does indicate how the government cannot force a technology before its time. LED bulbs may have been forced upon the people before its time. I am sure that now we will start to see LED lights that block or don’t emit the light waves that can damage eyes. And I am sure they will come at a premium price.


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