AG Barr Warns Of True Constitutional Crisis

I have been saying this sort of thing for a while now. The melding and blending the lines of separation of powers within our Federal Government has increased at an alarming rate. Yet many folks have simply ignored or explained away my warnings.

Attorney General William Barr comes to my defence. Well, not MY defence but the defence of the nation by pointing out facts.

The facts are that the left does not care for nor like our Constitution. It gets in their way of complete and total power and control. So they attack it at every angle. AG Barr proves that these people have been simply taking power they are not meant to have.

How do you stop a person who is all for the People of the USA? Why, every time he does something that he has the Constitutional power to do, you stop him by taking him to court. And you find a fellow leftist judge who will give you a ruling from the bench that you desire. And then you make sure that ruling applies to the entire nation even if that is not really the kind of power you have.

AG Barr points out that President Trump has had more DISTRICT Court injunctions against him than were actually issued in all of the 100 years that was the 20th Century.


Hot Air: AG Barr: Nationwide Injunctions Violate Separation Of Powers And Make District Court Judges Far Too Powerful