Free Money For All

A number of cities and towns in the USA are considering doing something radical when it comes to poverty. They are considering giving away cash to a certain part of the population that the left view as being downtrodden or down and out.

They call this mass cash give-a-way, Basic Income. The problem with this idea is that it is not a new idea. A number of countries around the globe have tried or experimented with this sort of welfare system.

None have ever reported the program or thought to be a practical success. In fact, the true reaction is that the left comes to realize what they are often told will happen by those on the right.

And now another country comes to realize that those who criticized this crazy idea, were correct all along. Giving people money for not working does not cause them to want to go find a good paying job so they won’t need to get a handout from the government.

Even, though that is the case no matter where this idea is tried, that does not disuade the program proponants from declairsing success and announcing that everyone should get a free monthly stipend from the government.

I know, you are wondering who is going to pay for this if everyone is taking from the system? Would it not be better to lower taxes and give everyone a tax break which allows them to keep more of what they earn?

If the proponants of this sort of government welfare system can find or twist even the slightest of positive outcome, they will. And you need to know about it.

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