The Media Isnt Interested In Telling The Truth

The media is not interested in reporting the news any more.  The media is more interested in trying to create the news.  If a story or news item doesn’t fit their current agenda it is either glossed over or simply looked over.

President Trump is not one that openly seeks the approval of anyone, especially the news media in which he affectionately calls “fake news”.  And why should he care about them?

The media has not bothered to get to know the President at all.  They put labels on him during the election campaign and they laughed.  He was supposed to lose the race.  He was supposed to have been dispatched back to his glitzy tower, never to be seen in political circles again.

But that didn’t happen.  Their plan did not work.  So instead of trying to figure out who the man is and why so many support him, instead of talking to him and instead of reporting his deeds, they insist on trying to bring him and everyone around him down.

Lets face it.  Its hard to get to know so many people, many of whom really do not matter.  But the media could get to know some of Trump‘s advisers or key people.  But they don’t want to.  They would rather demonize every single person in Trump’s administration.

Of course, the President himself cannot get to know ALL the people that work for him or his administration.  There are far too many.  And this is the angle that the media is now trying to exploit.  They will find or claim to find some Junior Intern to a Junior Executive that works for the Assistant of the Assistant of some department head and they get a story.

A story that fits their narrative that Trump sucks, he is unfit to serve, he is crazy, or doesn’t know what the hell he is doing.

To get an idea of just how big and how many players there can be:

Next to the White House sits the imposing Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Across Pennsylvania Avenue from that building is the ugly New Executive Office Building, which is neither new nor executive. It overlooks townhouses surrounding Lafayette Park that provide offices for still more officials. All of these people say they work for the White House, as all are administratively part of what is known as the Executive Office of the President. President Trump probably knows the names of about 3 to 4 percent of these people, tops. Fewer still provide him advice that matters.

There is no way for the President to personally interact with all or even most of these people.  So that would mean that most of these people would not have firsthand knowledge of the what the President does, thinks or believes.

Yet these are the people the media is now relying on to get the stories they deem fit to report which do not flatter Trump at all.

They are too busy looking for or creating dirt to actually do their job and report the news.



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