Life Lessons Of Dodge Ball

Life Lessons Of Dodge Ball

By Rod Eccles

If you are at least 35 years old or older, you probably remember the wonderful gym class game called Dodge Ball.  In my school, it was called War Ball.  The rules are the same.

Of course there is a movie which starred Ben Stiller but most of us didn’t have an actual Dodge Ball Court to play on.  It was probably either the gym floor or sometimes it was outside on the paved part of the playground.

In any case, most of us loved to play even if we were not any good at it.  I am sure there were kids in your school who surprised you when they got on that “battle field” they became brave soldiers of fortune.

You know the kind of kid I’m talking about.  He was usually smaller than most other kids his age and in his grade.  Maybe he was tall but he was skinny.  Probably wore glasses.  Usually kept to themselves or only had one or two real friends.