The Rod Eccles Show 8 31 18 Hour 3

In this third our, Rod has a study that seems to show that week minded young people may be triggered simply by telling them they could be triggered.  And this leads to anxiety about being triggered.  JP Morgan CEO gives the Trump economy a thumbs up and he gives all the credit to Trump.  Not all sectors of the economy is booming.  The News Media sector is taking a bath.  You wont believe how many of these jobs have been lost and who is to blame.  Twitter tries to combat hate speech by hiring Academics who hate the right to help police the site.  Al Franken wont go away and today’s Holidays including one very sweet and tasty holiday you and your kids will love to celebrate.

Hot Air: Trigger Warnings Cause Anxiety

Pew Research: Newsroom Jobs Fell By How Much

The Telegraph: Twitter Hires Academics To Monitor Its Health

Washington Free Beacon: Franken On Running For Office Again